Dacooler Z28[Part 2]: Enabling ADB – The beauty and the beasty way

Basically this second part is all about how to enable adb on the Z28. First I need to say few words about my initial setup. When I bought the box I just did jump into the subject without even powering one the device one time.

In retrospective I have to admin that was kinf of a very stupid move. My initial assumption was that there will be no official way to activate ADB, which was the main reason to search for the UART interface. I do no comment this any further you will see why 😀

Using the Root Shell to activate ADB via WiFi/Ethernet:

To enable ADB manually we have to modify a file on the /system partition. Obviously for security reasons this partition is normally mapped RO, so we first need to remount the partition  RW.

If the command was executed successfully you can modify the /system partition as you want. Now we need to activate ADB which we can do by adding some lines to /system/build.prop

Now, after the changes are persisted you just need to reboot and ADB will be active. You either can now access adb via USB ( you will need to install the windows drivers – you can get them on the rockchip page, search for DriverAssistant) or if you configure WiFi/Ethernet you can connect directly via network:

Once you established connection and adb shell is running you can elevate by just using the “su” command.

Well, actually all of this is a big waste of time, because there is a much easier way….:-D

2-Minute ADB activation the smart way…:

Because my ethernet connection didn’t work out of the box I fired up the box to activate WiFi…While I was search for hte settings I realized that the settings I saw are basically just normal Android settings. I got curious and tired to activate ADB (Developer mode) the default way, not expecting it work. I felt kind of stupid when I saw it did work too ;D

Next time I will start the device before I dive deep, that is for sure, haha!

The next part of this write-up series will cover installing linux on the box and what you need to know to restore the original state afterwards.

mitp0sh of PDX

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